Challenging a Course

Sometimes very experienced sailors have the knowledge, years of sailing experience with skills, but lack US Sailing Certification.  For these sailors, we do provide the option to challenge a course.  If you fit into this category, here are a few options:

  •  Bay Review:  A 3 hour sail with 3 students on the boat, where you can demonstrate your skills to our head instructor.  During this time, the instructor can observe what you know and determine your skill level and where to start your courses.
  • Practical Test:  A 3 hour sail with 2 other students on the boat, where you demonstrate all the skills required for the course that you are challenging.
  • Written Test:  If you are challenging a course, the written test for each course must be passed.  Our instructors administer these tests and grade them.

To pass a course by challenging it, it is necessary to take both a written test and a practical test for that particular course being challenged.  Contact us to discuss your sailing background and what you desire to accomplish.